Inventory Management System

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Inventory Management System

Key Benefits

AIMS ( Inventory Management System ) let you perform the following

  • Simplify Tax ( VAT ) Requirements.
  • Centralized and Secure application administration.
  • Expedite enquiry and audit of books.
  • Seamless integration with Financial Accounting.
  • Account Payable / Receivable control.
  • Simplifying invoice generation and tax calculation.
  • Track all Goods receipts and sales records.
  • Monitor record change using audit logs.
  • Manage all your MIS requirements.
  • Perform stock valuation any time.
  • Excel based reporting mechanism.
  • Dedicated technical support team available.

Inventory Management System

Product Features

  • IMS (Inventory Management System) is cloud based solution.
  • Centralized managed & all access controls are managed by administrative user.
  • Access control can be managed by administrator at user and screen level.
  • Customer: Enhanced Customer profile to manage correspondence, business contract and Legal profile. Automatically Ledger creation based on predefined account linking.
  • Supplier: Supplier profile to managed contact details, business contract and legal profile. Ledger creation process is automatically, based on predefined account linking.
  • Product Master: Product master configuration based on the product property.
  • Rate card: system provides functionality to manage rate card for each product.
  • Ledger maintenance
  • Opening Balances:
    • Opening Ledger Balances
      • Ledger level balance
      • Detailed bill level receivable
      • Detailed bill level payable
    • Opening Stock Balance
    • Opening Bank Reconciliation
  • Goods Receipt Note (GRN): Goods receipt module to book incoming material / goods into system. Inventory will be updated by receiving quantity and financial posting will be done as soon as transaction is accepted.
  • Sale Invoice: Sales module to perform sale entry. System will enable user to make sales entry against inventory available in the system. Only stock available in good condition will be available for invoice. On sales invoice generation inventory will be updated and respective financial posting will be done in the books of accounts.
  • Return from Customer: Sales return can be done against sale invoice existing in the system. Product returned from customer can be identified based on condition (QC). It could be in Resalable condition or it could be in Non Saleable condition. Non-Saleable stock will be available for returned to supplier. Respective financial posting will be passed into books of accounts.
  • Return to Supplier: Product stock which is damaged or expired will be available to return back to supplier. Respective financial posting will be passed into books of accounts.
  • Stock Status: Stock report can be generated any time of operation.
  • Financial Accounting
    • Journal
    • Cash
    • Bank
  • Bank Reconciliation – Bank reconciliation between books of accounts and bank statement issued by Bank.
  • Cheque Management
    • Cheque Book Stock
    • Cheque Bounce
    • Cheques in Hand
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Stock valuation
  • Profitability Report
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Account Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Audit Records

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